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borkdude14:01:48 static analyzer and linter for Clojure code that sparks joy clj-kondo 2023.01.12 • new linter :aliased-namespace-var-usage: warn on var usage from namespaces that were used with :as-alias. See • Don't warn about single arg use when there's a second arg in a reader conditional ( • Allow forward references in comment forms ( See • Add keyword analysis for edn files. • don't crash on invalid type specification • provide :symbols analysis for navigation to symbols in quoted forms or EDN files. See • no longer warn on unused namespace that was only used with :as-alias missing test assertion linter doesn't work in CLJS • support CLJ_KONDO_EXTRA_CONFIG_DIR environment variable to enable extra linters after project config

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[metosin/malli "0.10.0"] is out! Malli is a high-performance data-driven data specification library for Clojure/Script. Most notable changes: • New optional time schemas for the JVM on top of java.time: :time/duration, :time/instant, :time/local-date, :time/local-date-time, :time/local-time, :time/offset-date-time, :time/offset-time, :time/zone-id, :time/zone-offset, :time/zoned-date-time ◦ contributions for making these work with CLJS too most welcome. Discussion • Automatic type inferring with :enum and :=, detects homogenous :string, :keyword, :symbol, :int and :double schemas • New malli.core/coercer and malli.core/coerce to both decode and validate a value, with exception throwing & cps variants • BREAKING: re-implementation of :map-of inferring, disabled by default, configurable via options, with solid defaults • BREAKING: Prefer to real Schemas instead of predicates in inferring (e.g. :int over 'int?) • New malli.experimental.describe ns to describe Schemas in english:

(is (= "ConsCell <nullable vector with exactly 2 items of type: integer, \"ConsCell\">"
     (med/describe [:schema {:registry {"ConsCell" [:maybe [:tuple :int [:ref "ConsCell"]]]}} "ConsCell"]))))
All changes: Code: Big thanks to all contributors, and to the whole #CLDK6MFMK community!

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Incredible work 🙂


Thanks! nice


Malli is a pleasure to use, thank you