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A new release of is available, a minimalist Clojure SLF4J logging library. Version adds support for custom output and formatting functions via runtime symbol resolution, as well as logger level overrides on individual outputs, both requested features to make the library more extensible. It also includes some performance enhancements and a config-reloading bugfix. Thanks @eugen.stan for the feedback and contributions!

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We at PrimeTeach AG are very happy to announce the initial releases (v0.1.0) of and is a Clojure(script) library to define entities and their relationships via clojure.spec, and to ask questions about them. lets you define your entities and relationships using clojure.spec and / or specomatic and gives you an immutable SQL database that understands and supports access control.

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This looks very interesting. What is your experience using this regarding how database schemas evolve over time? Can you elaborate on how schema changes are turned into migrations?


The migration system compares the DB schema with the clojure.spec / specomatic schema and creates migrations for any missing tables or fields. This includes the history infrastructure. Changing existing fields or removing anything is not covered, that still requires manual migrations. We use the migration functions to generate SQL scripts for migratus while developing.

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Created a fork and new version of overtone/at-at with an enhancement of being able to add a custom uid to a scheduled-job. This enables the possibility for your function to check if something has already been scheduled or not. Added some unit-tests while I was at it. All credits go to the original creator(s) and the pull-request creator(s) I cherry-picked commits from. (

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have you picked up the PR's that solve the reflection problems?


Good question, there were two PR's covering the same thing iirc. I cherrypicked all commits from PR's and recent forks I could find. So yes, I did.


👍 Cool thank you!

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)22:03:58

I wonder whether at-at might be a candidate #CE1A21MPF library. WDYT@U04V5VAUN?

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