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[new] - started a Doom Emacs configuration trying to follow the Spacemacs mnemonic menu key bindings, allowing an easier way to evaluate Doom Emacs for more experienced Spacemacs users The config should be fairly well documented and also adding explanations and user guide in (very much work in progress)

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Nice! I did the same thing, but in a really makeshift way. 😅 I’ll happily steal from your more methodical approach. 😉


Haha you have my personal thanks for sure, I'm guessing my Doom-cluelessness was the proximate inspiration for it 😂🙏


@U077BEWNQ I have been evaluating Doom Emacs for the last couple of year, but your recent questions prompted me to try again. Once I realised that workspaces in Doom were Spacemacs layouts then I felt more comfortable tweaking Doom config to my workflow. I have found Vertico easy enough to adopt over helm and so far havent found anything missing. I've changed a lot of key maps and updated a lot of keys in the clojure module (copying those I contributed to spacemacs where relevant) I've also got keycast showing keys and commands in the modeline, so I can more readily do Practicalli screencasts with Doom. Although I have changed quite a lot, the configuration is relatively simple to work with


I'm definitely hoping to give it a try at some point! Absolute basic question: the files in your repo fully replace whatever content appears by default in the DOOMDIR? Or are added to it? Or something else? Basing my guess here on of the doom docs.


Yes, the Practicalli Doom Emacs config can be used as a direct replacement for the .config/doom or .doom.d directory that the Doom Emacs install creates. This is separate from the clone of Doom Emacs made to .config/emacs or .emacs.d I should add some information to that effect. Not sure what happens if doom install is run with the Practicalli doom emacs config is already cloned... I'm making the Practicalli configuration 'modular' by separating out additional config into their own files. This keeps most of the changes in additional files, so its easier to tell what has been changed (hopefully)

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