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Fulcro 3.6.0-RC1 React 18 Support, Other internal improvements. MINOR BREAKING CHANGES (caused by changes to React). See README.adoc. These should not affect 99.9% of apps. Improvements to Transaction Processing, but stock tx processing is UNCHANGED. * Converted internal use of dynamic vars over to react context. (async render fix). * Added batched processing. * Added with-batched-reads helper. * Improved batching docstrings. * Synchronous processor can use batching (batching off by default) * Reduced logging * Fixed abort in sync tx processing * Added defnc macro to raw.components * Added react.context ns with helpers * Fixed shouldComponentUpdate default with context * Added wrappers for new react hooks * Improved hooks docstrings * should-component-update default: No longer compares props at root (performance enhancement) * Simplified denormalize time so most usages don’t need to bind it * Added React.memo wrapper in components ns. This touched a lot of internal code, so it is a release candidate. It has been tested against quite a few apps at this point. Please report issues on #fulcro

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Fulcro RAD 1.4.0 IMPROVEMENTS: * Updated guide * Added remote error detection for server form errors * Added picker options for supporting forms on pickers * Support for create-or-edit entity picker dropdowns. * Support in entity picker for quick-add. * use-form: allows use of a RAD form as a React hook, for easy rendering into arbitrary contexts. * use-report: allows use of a RAD Report as a React hook, for easy rendering into arbitrary contexts. BUGFIXES: * Fixed a bug in form debugger when using tempids * Improved form on-saved to auto-include the id-key and id of the entity that was saved (tempids otherwise are a pain) * Added a picker option to indicate the desire for a picker to also allow modal creation * Refactored and fixed on-saved UISM form code

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Fulcro RAD Semantic UI Plugin 1.3.0 Support for rendering new RAD features: * Dropdowns for entity picking can now pop a modal to create or edit a new item. * Quick-add is supported (convert a string to a complete new entity) * NEW: Form modal. Pop a form in a modal with one line of code. * Added fo/show-header? to enable ability to hide form header/controls for cases of embedded forms

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Fulcro RAD Datomic Plugin 1.4.0 BUGFIX: Change needed for server-side form exceptions to show up as errors in RAD UI.

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