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Sam Ritchie14:12:55

Announcing v0.1.0 of clerk-utils. This library provides utilities that have been handy writing interactive docs notebooks like with #clerk, and documenting library code that won’t ship with a Clerk dependency. See the interactive docs notebook for more detail: • Clojars: • Github: • cljdoc:

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Carsten Behring17:12:54

Interesting idea. I saw yesterday this: Can it be that both have the same goal ?

Sam Ritchie17:12:41

@U7CAHM72M for 2 of the macros I have in there, yes, and clerkless will probably be a better solution! I’m going to try out both on #C01ECA9AA74 and see if I can settle on the official release

Sam Ritchie17:12:27

(the other macro, cljs, is quite light and unrelated to the clerk-shim-with-no-dependencies idea)