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borkdude09:10:00 CLI to transform between JSON, EDN and Transit, powered with a minimal query language Now with support for YAML as well, powered by #C042XAQFCCU 0.3.31 (2022.10.28) • Add yaml support ( 0.2.20 (2022.06.17) • Make suitable as clj tool 0.2.19 (2022.06.17) • Migrate CLI to • Introduce jet.main/exec which can be called as clojure CLI exec fn

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Yet another lazy map implementation 🙂 zizzmap — Persistent map with lazily evaluated values for Clojure(Script).

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i’ve never seen this style. interesting

(extend-protocol InternalAccess
  nil,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (internal-map [_] {})
  ObjMap,,,,,,,,,,,, (internal-map [this] this)
  PersistentArrayMap (internal-map [this] this)
  PersistentHashMap, (internal-map [this] this)
  ITransientMap,,,,, (internal-map [this] this))


you've just seen it 🙂 Sometimes I use commas to align things

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Releasing version 0.1.1 of, a companion library to my library. This library translates Flint EDN directly into Apache Jena objects, without the intermediate step of compiling a SPARQL string; this generally results in a doubling of performance.

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