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carmine-streams 0.1.3 has just been released 🎉 • fixes an edge case when a consumer's pending message has been deleted from the stream • adds a utility to clear pending messages from a group or particular consumer carmine-streams is a library that sits on top of carmine to provide a nicer api for working with redis streams

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Made a native CLI to execute Specter expressions on EDN from stdin. Mostly because of the challenge to make Specter work with SCI, but if this turns out to be useful, I'm willing to provide pre-built binaries. Lemme know! EDIT: now with pre-built binaries for macOS and linux

$ echo '{:a {:aa 1} :b {:ba -1 :bb 2}}' | ./specter -e '(transform [MAP-VALS MAP-VALS] inc ?)'
{:a {:aa 2}, :b {:ba 0, :bb 3}}

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maybe a babashka pod?


certainly possible


I now provided pre-built binaries for linux and macos:

Michaël Salihi20:07:33

Ping CRM full stack Clojure/Script SPA online demo support now server-side rendering: It use a light Nodejs Express back end + Inertia written in ClojureScript: It's in early state but the "Inertia stack" can now be use for app whose performance & SEO is very important.

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Michaël Salihi20:07:20

@U11SJ6Q0K Because we talked about SSR together, a little ping to let you know that this is done if you curious about it.


nice, I'll check it out

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Michaël Salihi20:07:26

P.S. For the curious checkout the ssr branch of the repo: