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Hi everyone, RentPath is still hunting for a mid-to-senior level Clojure engineer, 100% remote, but only able to consider continental US. Lots of work with Kafka and streaming ETL processes - have a look and reach out to me if interested! (cross-posted to #jobs):

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Happy 4th! Ever considered consulting? Caserta is a boutique firm specializing in data analytics, data management and everything attached to it. Our team is distributed across the US. We value our diversity. We're looking for a first-rate API designer/architect to join our team full-time. While your coding skills are crucial, it is your intuition, communication and people skills that drive your success. For this challenging multi-year effort, your immediate focus will be on deriving and refining the ubiquitous language for a set of complex business systems and processes based on a combination of consultation and analysis of existing usage patterns. In this first phase, you'll be part of a small team that is:  • collecting and analyzing existing data update and usage patterns • defining domains and API semantics • developing data models, collections, resources and methods; and • building prototype and demonstration services  Previous experience in high-volume, high-velocity transactional data processing environments would be a plus. If this sounds like you, drop a note and your resume to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> If it doesn't, check out our other roles. We're always looking for top tier solution architects and data engineers who are willing to push the boundaries of the possible.

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@UEHTP4XJ5 These don't appear to be Clojure or ClojureScript related jobs?


Yeah, sql and python


We're language neutral on this one. I'm reaching out to the Clojure community because "it's just data" is exactly the ethos we need going into this project. Language is an implementation detail. No decisions made.


I think my mistake was linking our recruiter's post.


if I search for python, i get results


OK, wanted to make sure you're open to Clojure folks and not just Python and "In-depth knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming" (which is what the Solution Architect role wants!).