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That's pretty awesome. Of course, the first thing I typed in was "clojure" 🙂


I had no idea that Cells was coming to CLJS!


@ Yep: mine is “clojure or cljs or scheme or lisp”. I’ll throw in dart and flutter just to track those.


@ I gotta talk to my PR crew! 🙂 I ported Cells to CLJ/CLJS thru the awesomeness of CLJC ’bout five years ago, and instead of Qooxdoo on the front-end just went with mxWeb, a thin Cells-powered HTML wrapper. That is used in this latest whosHiring implementation. Thx for your Cells enthusiasm!


ps. If anyone wants to play with Matrix, ping me on #matrix and I will do up whatever doc you need. There are a bunch of demo apps, but they might have some bit rot. I’ll get those out of mothballs if desired.


It is a reactive hack akin to MobX, if you know that one. R/atoms have nice reactive capabilities, but last I looked suffered from glitches. Here is an old write-up. Skim down to “data integrity” for the gist.


Didn’t know Cells was also here in clojure-land either, that’s awesome!


Thx, @! Cells actually picked up a few tricks moving to a non-OO basis, including instance-specific Cells and Cell-specific observers. Same in JS, btw, and in JS with defineProperty we get the same transparency as with CLOS. In CLJ we need to access properties with md-get to engage the cells wiring. Not the end of the world.