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@dominicm You may be interested in — It’s not in the Java ecosystem, but I would choose this over Quartz or somesuch.


Looks useful, thanks!


I have not read any of this code, but there are at least a couple of examples of people creating little interfaces in clojure. Here’s one:


I built it after failing to find anything in Clojure that worked like Sidekiq. If anyone wants to try it, it's probably better to look at the tests than the readme.


Quick question I need to perform a function on two sequences/vectors A B, for every item on A with every item on B and collect the results. I know map will operate on nth of A and nth of B, I need A0 to B0, A0-Bn...


(for [a-alem A, b-elem B] (some-expression involving a-alem b-elem here))

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Karol Wójcik16:10:41

Is it possible to inherit deps from another alias in deps.edn?


@karol.wojcik Not in deps.edn itself, only from the command line you can merge alias deps together


There was a conversation about this recently in #tools-deps - there might be something like this one day

Karol Wójcik16:10:08

Actually that would be useful for convenience, but I know that allowing it would cause a mess in classpath.


As mentioned, combining deps in the command can be an effective way to define separate aliases and merge them together, eg. clojure -M:env/dev:repl/rebel merging the dev alias to set up the dev class path and the rebel alias to run the Rebel UI. Some more examples:


You're not the first to ask

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@shaunxcode For now, yes, but Cognitect have talked about an upcoming project that we might reasonably expect to address that issue somehow...


(they've said almost nothing publicly about but given that pom.xml generation/sync'ing is already part of the Clojure CLI to some degree, we might assume they would enhance that in future tooling)


cool I look forward to that! For the time being I will just have a skeletal project.clj I use for lein deploy etc.