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hi there, I've a question about the swagger documents generation. It seems to me that regex specs are not yet well supported, is that so?


more specifically, I have an or-spec for my login endpoint (either you log in through user / password or you log in through oauth tokens). in the swagger docs I only see the model for the first branch of the s/or definition, whereas I'd like to have all data points from all branches being described in the model


Is coercion supposed to work on the frontend? I tried to add spec coercion to my routes, but got

No such namespace: clojure.edn, could not locate clojure/edn.cljs, clojure/edn.cljc, or JavaScript source providing "clojure.edn" in file .../js/main.out/spec_tools/transform.cljc


Just found that I’m on a too old CLJS version for that to work…


Is it possible to specify coercions for params, without providing the coercion implementation fn in the :coercion key? I would like to send my routes as data over the wire.