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Just published a new version of Chlorine, atom package to work with Clojure over Socket REPL. In this version, some improvements, bugfixes, and a great problem that we had with lots of println errors that could break the plug-in: Discussions on #chlorine channel!

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[metosin/reitit 0.2.10] is out! Reitit is a fast data-driven router for Clojure(Script). What’s new: * small - enhancements to the core routing * new fast :quarantine-router for route trees with conflicts * pedestal support via optional reitit-pedestal module: * polished ring request & interceptor context diff loggers: * initial support for http-reitit Interceptors on ClojureScript, thanks to the latest Sieppari. Changelog: Big thanks to all the contributors. #reitit for chatting.

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