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Hey everyone! Happy New Year! Live long, live well, have fun and prosper! To help you start the New Year on the right foot and with the proper mood I’ve just cut CIDER 0.19! The release notes are here The highlights are: * lots of improvements to the new connection management system * some fixes for the changes to the error messages in Clojure 1.10 That’s going to be the final CIDER release that will work with the legacy tools.nrepl, so if you’re a boot or lein user you should definitely upgrade to their latest versions which target the modern nREPL. Cheers!

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Hello everybody and happy new year! I like to announce I'm launching the first draft for the EQL language specification/documentation. EQL is a Clojure (EDN) based query languages; it compares to GraphQL in sets of features to request structured information, but uses only EDN data structures to describe the requests. The first draft I'm leaving an open PR on Github, so you have the chance to comment and improve it before getting into master. EQL is intended to be a general syntax that can be used by multiple projects on the Clojure community; it's currently used on, Fulcro, and Pathom. If you like to give your input to it, please check the PR at

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