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I just released Proto REPL 1.1.0 with support for a self hosted ClojureScript REPL.


This allows Proto REPL to run without any Leiningen or Java dependencies. The self hosted REPL supports displaying all of the charts and graphs of Proto REPL Charts Thanks to the awesome work in Replumb for making this possible.


Released Leiningen plugin for deploying AWS Lambda (JVM) functions


oh that is sweet, does that mean you could directly integrate continuous deployment from, say, travis?


for lambda functions?


@lmergen For example. Currently only update Lambda function is supported. So at the moment you have to do the first time setup by some other means. I'


I'm thinking to add create Lambda function support too in future though (However, it's a bit more complex task). PRs also welcome


well it's certainly cool. we had to decide upon using lambda or not a few months back, i decided not to since the deployment process was awkward


have they added ability to access resources inside VPC from lambda functions?


or you still have to expose your services from inside vpc?


that's good


Released version for peer review/testing of new Clojure suite of Kafka libraries a la carte....includes producer, consumer, admin, embedded server, mocks, serializers/deserializers, testing, record types, callbacks, partitioners, and more. Would appreciate any feedback/bugs you encounter as it's currently brand new and only tested in my own projects thus far. Lots of changes and new pushes coming this week. If you have any feature requests/comments/constructive feedback, please let me know.


I'll also add this is for Kafka 0.9+, including wrapping the new libraries. Clojure in/out for everything, including admin.


on that note, I just wrote a bunch of Kafka code using Java interop. I blogged about it here: @ymilky looks nice I look forward to trying it out


@pbostrom: That's pretty funny. I wrote this when the 0.9 stuff first was in their git repo and updated it since. The Onyx guys convinced me to pull it out of my own project and open source it. As such, you'll find that unless I've broken something recently, there's no reflection, it mirrors what you wrote about in many cases, and tries to stick as reasonably close to the Java client without making things painful or too far from regular Clojure. Obviously with interop there are compromises.


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Maybe a good practice is to add a channel for follow up discussions to each announcement. @seancorfield


hi everyone, i've released a library called pedestal-api for building swagger-driven REST apis on pedestal. you can read an introduction here:


(follow-up discussion can go to #C0K65B20P )


Hi everyone, today I've done a joint release of ClojureCL 0.5.0 (parallel and GPGPU programming) and Neanderthal (fast native and CPU vectors and matrices). They're in Clojars. More info at:


@hypirion do we have a way to use "import" on inline?


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