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Cider doesn't use that package, so it's coming from somewhere else.


hmm, thanks, I'll try to get rid of it then.


I’m interested in finding out if/how I can jump into arbitrary Java code using M-.. For example, pressing M-. on will correctly take me to the java source, but the same operation fails if I want to read the source of (say) clojure.asm.AnnotationVisitor. I assume that this has to do with classpaths and some such, I’d like to know how to fix / enable this. Any pointers would be wonderful.


h0bbit: I know in the old JDEE days you needed to set the CLASSPATH and the SOURCEPATH to do that, but that was soooo long ago I don't remember how to do that


I think sometimes you need to tell lein to actually download the sources, which it might not always do automatically. I forget the syntax for that.


And keep in mind that some packages simply don't make the sources available.


@malabarba: I’m downloading sources using lein pom; mvn dependency:sources. The issue is getting lein to add these to the classpath without having to manually specify each and every one. I feel like there should be a way to do this


I think there's an option for that in your project.clj dependency vector. You wouldn't even need mvn. But I really can't recall the option name now.