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Bobbi Towers04:10:11

So now my log is a GitHub Page for the repo: For some reason my Babel snippets stopped working in org-mode, so I'm going back to using KLIPSE. Probably the best part of this challenge has been discovering the power of a coding journal. I absolutely never want to code without a log again. And to have the code actually running in the log, I believe has immense value as well. It's editable.

Bobbi Towers04:10:20

Occasionally I'd question my obsession with KLIPSE as if it's merely scratching some kind of nerd-itch. But the truth is they come in extremely handy to serve as live templates for problems, even whole projects.

Bobbi Towers04:10:35

This sudden change in workflow has inspired a whole new project: I want to make a Clojure coding notebook webapp. Perhaps I'll learn re-plumb and do something more intricate, along the lines of Or I could use Zach Oakes' tool Paren Soup since it's more about Clojure. Wait... didn't Timothy Pratley have a thing like that? He made a whole interactive learning environment and did a talk on it, gotta find that again. The idea is to unify the whole user experience of content creation, so that I'm no longer working on the source code but from within the app itself.

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Well I discovered Github is currently a little broken Looks like there was an issue right after I pushed my journal update for day 35, 36 and 37.


As a short summary, I did some more work on my Spacemacs book, the ClojureBridge workshop (spacemacs simple user guide) and had fun breaking and fixing my builds for the status-monitor. An upshot of breaking the builds was that I discovered more about how clojure.spec.alpha is used to check the namespace definition when running lein test. I should also set up a test runner to run when ever I save a file or run the tests in Spacemacs before committing...