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[metosin/spec-tools "0.8.0"] is out! New spec walker, enhanced spec parser, new coercion utility and swagger improvements. The key feature is new st/coerce (inspired by spec-coerce), which uses spec transformers and the spec walker to best-effort coerce values to conform to (a set of simple) specs without a need to wrap the specs. st/decode uses now both coercion and conforming behind the hoods to supports all specs. Looking forward to CLJ-2251 for making things clean.

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Out of curiosity, when will compojure-api use this new version?


@U45T93RA6 hopefully later today


thank you for st/coerce, presumably I can now switch from spec-coerce!


@U45T93RA6 updated: [metosin/compojure-api "2.0.0-alpha27"]

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[metosin/reitit "0.2.4"] is out too! Reitit is a fast data-driven router for Clojure(Script) supporting browser apps, ring, pedestal, pluggable async, schema, specs, swagger & interceptors. The new version uses the latest spec-tools to bring more robust spec coercion for all routing apps. Example app:

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