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Edge is at alpha12, very possible 14 has a new spec which is catching out yada


Yes, @dominicm might be right


(Ofc, he's very often right!)


I'll investigate but fighting my way into London so can't promise a fix... but here goes


@bbss I don't know if it's better, I like it better because I don't have to care 'how it is implemented' and it's clearer to me: netty waits-for-close; I don't have to wonder why there's a promise at that point in the code.


@kurt-yagram I like your solution. if netty crashed, I'd bet this would kill the process, allowing your process manager to at least restart.


But as you said, harder as it exposes the underneath of yada


@raymcdermott your stack trace is complaining about a function called populate-part - I've just git grep'd the yada code-base and no function exists in yada called that


I know that yada is free of clojure.spec warnings since I use it a lot with clojure 1.9


I've just pushed an update to edge that updates to the latest dependencies of clojure 1.9, yada, bidi and aero.


It's coming from aleph, @raymcdermott possibly your yada/aleph is out of date, I do remember there being a spec problem with aleph.


@raymcdermott @dominicm - yes, yada doesn't depend on the spec-happy version of aleph yet - yada is marked 'stable', it wouldn't be right to depend on a version of aleph that Zach has explicitly labelled 'alpha'


edge, on the other hand, makes no such claims to stability, it's not called 'bleeding edge' for nothing


thanks @malcolmsparks @dominicm. I figured it was coming from further down the stack. FYI I did take the versions from edge when I first started and bumped into some compatibility issues immediately so backed off to the stable versions. Now I am a little more comfortable with yada I am willing to experiment a little more...


I am not using boot in my project (I know I’m uncool) and also not using as many dependencies as edge


i’m having trouble with ring-swagger failing specs on REPL start up


also I see that there are two versions of [prismatic/schema “1.1.3”] and [prismatic/schema “1.0.4”] which is confusing me