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@svenhuster we do some scheduling logic, but not the actual creation of events. My advice would be to spike on it and see where you get. Pick a nontrivial subset of your logic, and see whether it gives you what you’re looking for


@mikerod Thanks again for the talk, and for the chat afterwards. It was awfully cathartic to talk to folks with similar problems in healthcare, and the rules engine space in particular.


svenhuster I agree with devn that one of the best things you can do is try to reason about your problem through some examples actually trying to use Clara rules and a rule-driven approach


see if it is naturally working or if you are hitting major barriers


Jess (an older rules engine written in Java, with a Lisp-like DSL) has some reasonable guidelines


I think we could do better to get some guidelines on this up on Clara rules


However, the most powerful I’d say is to try demo’ing out solving one of your problems (even if simplified) by using rules and see if it can make any sense.


devn It was good to talk with you. It was nice to hear your perspective and things you’ve been working through.