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Hi everybody ! I want to evaluate yada on a new projet that will use datomic and Om Next. Is there a Modular template that could help me bootstrap such a combination of libraries ? Thank you very much !


No, not yet. Best way right now is to copy It has the cljs tooling. Datomic is easy enough to integrate, you just d/connect - not even necessary to wrap in a component.


Quickstart is still a work in progress but gets you far enough to get started


I will update modular later this year when everything is more stable. There's a few fast moving parts right now with boot, cljs and yada, so it's easier to improve a single project rather than a set of templates.


that blog post uses yada and Om Next together


could be useful


Thank you @malcolmsparks ! I will try to boostrap with edge this afternoon. I am well aware of your Om Next Remote notes, that is why I was asking if a magic tool could assemble the whole 😉