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@malcolmsparks: Just starting to work through the manual, found a couple issues on as-resource doesn't seem to be referred in the code, and referring it and running it throws the error

CompilerException clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Cannot turn resource-model into resource, because it doesn't conform to a resource-model schema {:resource-model {:last-modified #inst "2016-06-20T20:15:50.595-00:00", :version "Hello World!"}, :error {:methods missing-required-key, (not (namespace :last-modified)) invalid-key, (not (namespace :version)) invalid-key}}, compiling:(core.clj:6:5) 


Thanks @shaun-mahood - i'll fix that asap


@malcolmsparks: I'm also getting an error trying to run (.close svr) based on that same section


I've updated all my dependencies to the newest versions and am planning to keep working through the manual, so if there's a better place to report issues let me know otherwise I'll keep posting them here if I run into them


Yes. Please do. Try the new quickstart chapter at


We've tested with recently - those docs are much more recent. Sorry for the issues!


Oh cool, I will! I'm working with Leiningen and bringing Yada into a small existing JS app, so I'll probably run into a bunch of edge cases for you - it's self inflicted and expected pain, so you definitely don't need to apologize for anything!


@malcolmsparks: Seems like a minor issue in, not technical though. The statement Once we have bound this handler to the path /hello, we're able to make the following HTTP request: could be a bit confusing, since nowhere is it actually bound in the example code and when run the handler is accessible from any path on the server from what I can tell.