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Well, the broadcast didnt go very well I am afriad. I got stuck with a vimproc issue when adding the lang#clojure layer to SpaceVim.


I fixed the vimpro issue by running make in .SpaceVim/bundle/vimproc.vim/ I have the Clojure layer installed now (after misspelling layers). However, even though clojure binary is on the path, when I start an inferior repl, SPC l s i then Spacevim is unable to find cmd-clj 😞

Thomas Harned18:11:23

@jr0cket I ran into both those issues myself with trying to use the clojure layer.


Seems like spacevim is just borked.


I don't think it has the same popularity in vim as the emacs package it emulated.

Thomas Harned19:11:01

I think you’re right. I tried it out and there seem to be a number of bugs. And googling the issues doesn’t usually return much so I think the user base is pretty small. I thought the layers feature would yield a cleaner shorter vimrc, but it’s just too buggy.


Tbh, vim works so differently from emacs that I don't think it solves the same problems


The core is really nice and I like the idea… but for some reason I’ve stopped using it after a while and went back to my own setup. Don’t remember why anymore


in other news: if someone here needs to use IntelliJ for any reason IdeaVim got a great new feature that lets you easily setup new shortcuts:

IdeaVim: track action Ids command to find action ids for the :action command. Enable this option in "Search everywhere" (double shift).


@thomas.harned I have fixed Spacevim and it now runs a Clojure REPL. My vimscript is non-existant, so its probably a hack. It seems it was trying to run the command cmd-clj which apparently the command name when using a scoop install on Windows (I dont know if this is true, but that is what the existing comment suggests). Hacking the code to use clojure as the command worked. If anyone knows a little bit of vimscript, perhaps they can suggest a proper fix (as I think my fix breaks if running windows with scoop install of Clojure CLI tools.


You could perhaps use executable('cmd-clj') to determine if that is executable


Ideally I would like to take Spacevim and add Conjure to it as I like the features it provides for Clojure development. The Clojure layer seems quite limited in features compared to Conjure. I havent tried vim-iced yet.


I was considering contributing to SpaceVim at the time and wsdjeg was happy to accept help


Contributing seems to require some understanding of vimscript, so I'm unlikely to be able to help much in actually contributing code to Spacevim. Working with conjure I havent hit the huge learning curve of vimscript, so will focus on that for now.


I dunno how spacevim handles competing alternative approaches like that.


I guess the idea is to take away choices

practicalli-john20:11:42 is a lot of code I dont really understand and seems to be what determines what is run. I've spent a while trying to figure it out, but didnt get anywhere. Hence the request for help.