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ah, nice


For vim, as there's no way to build an interactive REPL in a buffer (like emacs has) there's little point to unrepl integration until you have something to really evaluate.


There's some difficulty in parsing EDN responses of unrepl, which is why I was looking at a clojure based plugin, as it's edn reader is the OG


Anybody else looked at the neovim API for building external UI? This is really pretty cool & simple.


I haven't yet. I had some thoughts about a good use-case the other day, but I cannot remember it now 😞


@dominicm implementing a javafx UI control backed by nvim has been a fun learning experience. I’ll probably write it up when I’m done. I looked at a lot of the other efforts out there and there’s a lot of different approaches. But essentially, if you use the UI api, you can subscribe to “redraw” events, which you can simply reduce over to update the matrix of text as you feed keys to neovim. All asynchronously.