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@donmullen I don’t get how this can be happening to begin with. None of the deps of cider-nrepl has changed recently and the only thing I see depending on 1.2 is nREPL itself.


This is actually a boot thing, because clojure hadn't been specified in and build.boot


@dominicm - the strange thing was that I had specified clojure version in build.boot and and was still getting that error. At any rate - is working with 16 stable.


@bozhidar we might not want to Mr Anderson in orchard, and instead have users do that themselves? So that they can load multiple versions of orchard.


@dominicm This makes sense for cider-nrepl, but doesn’t make sense for people who’d want to use it directly.


I’ll think about it, it’s not a big deal right now.


I also think there was some issue with dynapath and MrAnderson. I think that’s the reason we had used MrAnderson on it in cider-nrepl.


At any rate - at least now a lot of cider-nrepl is in orchard. I had a surprisingly productive day yesterday. Unfortunately now we’re left with the really hard work - solidifying a client API and documenting it. 😄


There’s mode code to be extracted from cider-nrepl as well, it’d be nice to also extract some things from refactor-nrepl (//cc @benedek), but the foundation is here.


@bozhidar i think ,classpath command is broken under java9 because of


want me to file an issue against orhcard i guess, or?


Yeah, sure. I’m guessing a lot of things are broken on Java 9, because of this. We use the classpath library at several places.