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I noticed untangled-server includes bidi for routing but the various examples use secretary on the client. Is there any reason why bidi is not used on both client and server?


@currentoor: the only reason I used secretary for todomvc is because I was familiar with it. I’m not aware of a design choice for only using bidi server-side


@ethangracer: thanks for the clarification.


@monjohn @sherbondy @kauko I’ve started working on a high level overview — so far, only written some background information on React and started stubbing out background on Om. Let me know your thoughts — too wordy? places where bullet points make more sense than paragraphs? anything unclear or just flat out wrong? etc. I’ll keep pumping this out in bits but it’ll take some time


of course anyone else is welcome to comment as well


Looking good so far 🙂