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To add to the above, in Clojure ^long and ^double are primitive type declarations. There’s a good section in chapter 11 of Clojure Programming on the subject of type declarations vs. type hints.


Hello Clojurians, I’m following to Chas’s Clojure and I’d like to hear the clarification of the idea of “code as data”… On the surface we all “know” but in fact it’s not clear for me… Ok I get the structure of code respects AST(Abstract Syntax Tree) in all meanings, but the example of reader is a bit confusing, or rather not clear enough. The extract from the book: the operation of the reader is completely defined by a single function - read - which reads text content from a character stream and returns the next data structure encoded in the steam’s content” - what is this “data structure" and how is it encoded?


@escherize: please don’t do this again, my brain has just encountered a deadlock 😄


@madstap: one of the simplest and most succinct explanations of 'code as data' I've seen. Nice 😄