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@cgrand my concern with smart clients is that it potentially increases the work significantly of all clients, causing an X doesn't work with Y, but Z does scenario - so you copy and paste code from vim into unravel to take advantage of some hub feature.


Other use case came up yesterday: - One person has docker instances and wanted to be able to refresh namespaces within it based on the activity in the local repl/editor (you change the buffer, it refreshes the remote repl) - Malcom wanted to be able to reflect changes from a REPL to the actual files on the filesystem - One other person had the same idea and that remembered the Logo IDE was doing that


Which logo IDE/person? Logo is underrated.


Don't remember the person but basically the idea would be to change things in the repl and keep track/diff this with the file you are starting with. When you want to persist the changes you call a REPL function that consolidates and writes to disk


I assumed it was this Logo but I wondered which environment/implementation.


@U0C8489U6 the Logo idea came from Panu, which also had the docker instance refresh usecase.


To be sure I get it correctly, is it "refresh 1 docker instance" or "refresh N docker instances"? and this occur in addition to the local repl? So basically syncing several JVMs (or JavaScript VMs)?


Sorry for the sparse reporting but the post conference was intense 😀


We should perhaps try and organize the information. Oddly enough a graph is how I'm picturing it with links to similar ideas, people, drawbacks (I'm probably just stuck in datomic mode)