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Do you know keyboards or some hack to have different keys directly for brackets, curly braces and colons, without having to Shift all the time?


I'm on ubuntu


ubuntu has Programmer Dvorak built-in as a keyboard layout, you could use that (i am atm)


I also use that. Almost all the common programming symbols do not require shift with that layout. Unfortunately numbers do instead, but you can use capslock for them which is nice.


It's also a completely different layout which takes some getting used to.


How did you make the change permanent btw?


I wonder if adding setxkbmap dvorak in ~/.profile will apply in time for the login password, if that's the right way.


whichever layout is first in the list is activated on startup


in system settings -> keyboard layout


It took me a long time to make the change permanent. I kept trying it off and on over the course of several years until I decided to just use only that. After a week or two my QWERTY speed was down to around 15 wpm or so (it was at about 90 to 100 wpm) and my dvorak speed was up to low to mid 30s wpm, so I no longer could go back to QWERTY for speed. I'm still not up to my QWERTY speed with dvorak - I'm sitting in the low to mid 70s wpm. When I pass the 100 wpm mark, I will consider the switchover a success.