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@niklas.collin Neanderthal native dll is correct, too, since, at the time it was built, MKL's dll was named mkl_rt.dll. It seems that recently, only on Windows, that dll has been renamed to mkl_rt.1.dll . I'm not sure since I can't find official statement in Intel's release notes, so the only source of info that I have now is a handful of issues from various broken Python packages. Most people use this on Linux or MacOS, so there's not much wisdom about this right now. I'll investigate this when the time comes to release a new version of Neanderthal native (note: this is a dependency of Neanderthal, not Neanderthal itself). In the meantime, your system will have to provide mkl_rt.dll, either by installing one of the earlier versions of MKL, or by soft linking mkl_rt.dll to mkl_rt.1.dll (I'm not a windows user, so I'm not sure how it's done on windows).


Yeah, I already actually tried to do this linking but didn't help. This would imply that the latest version of MKL is not compatible as it is now. Thank you for looking at this!


@niklas.collin I'm generally using the latest version on MKL (on Linux) so I don't think there's any API-level incompatibility. MKL uses BLAS and LAPACK apis that have been stable for decades.

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I'll try different combinations and if I get it to work I'll tell you