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Nextjournal newbie here. I understand that Clerk has no built-in editor. Is there some lib that people use to add editor funtionality so that you can both live edit the clojure sources and eval them with Clerk in a browser? I found but that has been archived.


We built which gives you a decent editing experience that also powers Clojure editing on Letting folks opt into Clerk evaluation semantics on is not possible yet but it’s something we’re thinking about.


So clojure-mode is for the browser front end. Is there an OS clojure backend like Nightlight has that works with clojure-mode?


not that I know


Better Clojure highlighting with #nextjournal clojure-mode: I got it down to 200kb (79kb gzipped) now.

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Daniel Slutsky18:11:54

BTW Clerk is being used a lot in the Scicloj group sessions this weekend. It is bringing lots of joy. A few of these sessions are previews of the workshop events we're having this month, so more Clerk use is expected.

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That's great to hear, thank you! Also for suggesting to submit the talk

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