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I have a transitive dependency to an artifact with a reported security vulnerability. With Leiningen, I'd add a :managed-dependencies entry for a version of that artifact where that vulnerability has been fixed. What's the "right" way to do this with deps.edn? Just add a :deps entry?


@flowthing I think so yes, tools.deps will pick the newest version possible that is required in the deps tree


All right, thanks. :thumbsup::skin-tone-2:

Mark Wardle09:04:55

Hi all. Is there a way of referencing an alias (or indeed multiple aliases) in a git coordinate in a deps.edn file? The background is but essentially, I’d argue this approach might foster modularity and composability - permitting declaration of faceted dependencies. An example might be a repository aligned to a business domain with core code that can be used as a library, but an alias providing, say, ring handlers or graph resolvers that clients can explicitly opt-in or out of, to bundle the functionality into a server application. Possible with maven - by building different artifacts - and with a multiple repository model. Am I barking up wrong tree?

Mark Wardle12:04:11

It looks as if the polylith type approach might work for this - although I do still think git coordinates that could include specific alias(es) and nested directories would do much to configure the exact building blocks to be used to build artefacts from a menu of common libraries / components.


@mark354 I had something like this with boot: But nowadays we just use some EDN to list the deps + fixed versions we need and use a babashka script to update our deps.edn. This is very fast and only needs to happen when we update a dependency.


Another approach might be to just make a library which depends on other libraries and use that as the managed dependency, tools.deps will always use the newest versions of a lib in a dependency tree, I think

Mark Wardle11:04:16

Thanks! I never used boot as I migrated very quickly from lein to deps when I started with clojure last year. A small standalone library would be fine too except for the potential explosion of repositories named xxx-library xxx-server xxx-graph-api etc…


We have left boot behind us now too

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(off topic, but slightly related: Found another good use for fs/modified-since (a new function in babashka.fs): We rebuild our deps.edn from a template when any relevant files on which it depends changes, when invoking any task. )