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I need a bit of documentation updating, but Asami 2.0.1 is out.

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I thought I’d have this early yesterday, but I encountered several issues: • There was some complexity with entity ownership. This involved knowing how to deal with entities that already existed in the database, entities that were declared later (or earlier) in the same transaction, and entities that were completely inside another entity (and therefore owned). • There was interaction between all of this and a new internal property that I was in the middle of adding, which provides ownership information about entities in the graph. • I had to conduct an interview for someone who may be joining me to help. That part was easy. Dealing with HR was what took all the time. 🙂 • I got my second Pfizer vaccine this morning, and I’m not feeling well this afternoon. • Some random man joined the Clojurian’s Slack and was hitting on me all afternoon. I kid you not!


It went downhill from there!!!


of course! Thank you very much!

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