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Is there an example anywhere that shows how to use deps.edn with a local java library? I need a local java library to deal with a protobuf


If the Java library is compiled to a JAR file, then you should be able to add it as a local dependency using something like this: {:deps {somejavalib {:local/root "/path/to/the/jar/file.jar"}}} If you search for ":local" on the reference doc page for deps, you should find that, too:


@andy.fingerhut Thanks! The JAR file seems like the way to go


I wish future clojure releases focused more on java interop, particularly around proxies and class creation. tools-deps is a great value proposition, with the downside being that using .java files in the same project is clumsy. I really don't want to go back to lein...

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:08:23

I think that's unlikely given that Clojure is in philosophical opposition to concrete derivation


I think that's what I need actually, having troubles with proxy not having access to some protected stuff and using reflection without type hinting this..