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I want to extend codeq to analyze Python (2) code. What would that entail?


Where can I get the datomic client library?


There are seems no latest datomic-free releases? 0.9.5697 vs 0.9.5951 pro


@kirill.salykin Yes this is a big problem and I really don’t understand why. I already wrote directly to Cognitect but got no answer. Maybe we can write an email together?


you can download latest here


datomic-free-0.9.5703.21.jar seems like a peer library


but still, it is very outdated


I currently try to run it.


It somehow runs, but than I don’t understand that version number and it’s not available on maven central.


I wrote a new mail at the Datomic support.


I think they won’t respond :(


You can use starter edition btw


It is free and supports updates for 1 year


Pro starter I think it is called


I’m a paying customer of Datomic. I’ll find a way that they respond.


Just for this thread. @U1QJACBUM Answered this question in another Thread with: > We are considering different options for Datomic Free, and would love to hear more about your use cases. You can share your use cases with me via <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>.


thanks for keeping me posted!


last release from 2018… > Maybe we can write an email together? lets try, but I doubt it will help a lot


Maybe someone else also likes to participate?

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is there a way to retrieve from a datomic cloud client the configuration that was used to create it?*

Lone Ranger15:08:00

As much as I would love it, I don't really see a whole lot of incentive for them to update the free version 😕

Lone Ranger15:08:18

They need to make money somehow

George Ciobanu23:08:47

Hi! I am trying to model a tree of components (Page, button group, tab, buttons etc) as a hierarchy of maps (each component has a bunch of attributes). It's very similar to the DOM in that if the user deleted a tab group that has buttons as children, the buttons need to be deleted as well. Of course, the user can also move a subtree of components to a different nodes etc. It's a standard GUI editor. I think the best way to model this is to make each node a component so that if any node is deleted its children are deleted as well. Does that make sense? Are there any subtleties I'm missing, and should I manage deletion and the whole hierarchy by hand using plain ref types? Any thoughts much appreciated. A link to an article is also fine (I tried to RTFM but I never saw anyone use components for hierarchies and am wondering why).

Lone Ranger01:08:15

Is this secretly a datascript question? Happy to help either way but it would be good to know which direction you're going with it

Lone Ranger01:08:15

specifically, whether you're doing in clojurescript or clojure is kind of important

Lone Ranger01:08:39

my thoughts are effectively you're going to need a DSL layer to interpret the meaning of the maps as they relate to the components, but you probably already knew that. If you're working in Clojure, you can't have dynamic (runtime) components since you probably don't want to ruin your DB by creating schema on the fly. I would strongly consider checking the for some inspiration on how you can create "dynamic" behavior from predefined schema used the entity component system.

Lone Ranger01:08:14

Regarding the "deletion", the good news is that you don't really have to "delete" anything, you simply assert what the new structure is.

Lone Ranger01:08:55

So the challenge for you will be structuring recursive queries. There is a recursive pull syntax available, but you'd have to carefully structure you schema. So the "illusion" of a recursive delete would be accomplished by doing a retraction near the root of your graph, aka, asserting an empty membership of children -- this would then break the recursion of your query

Lone Ranger01:08:36

Anyway that's my two cents, best of luck to you!

George Ciobanu03:08:29

Hi Goomba! Thank you so much for your help

George Ciobanu03:08:45

I'll process and reply once I get what you are saying

George Ciobanu03:08:13

Not secretly a Datasceipt question, I actually intend to store this datasctructure in Datomic

George Ciobanu03:08:01

It can be either clj or cljs since both my backend and frontend are Clojure(script)

George Ciobanu03:08:53

Regarding the DSL layer I don't think I need it, in the sense that the number of component types is fixed and each has a unique schema that's mostly immutable (I might add properties over time but that's it)

George Ciobanu03:08:11

So each map will map to one component

George Ciobanu03:08:40

And anything in it's :children key will be subcomponents (in the GUI sense)

George Ciobanu03:08:30

Re deletion that makes sense

George Ciobanu03:08:19

And while I haven't fully understood recursive queries I'm not concerned since I saw several examples and they seem to make sense