# test-check

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carocad 17:09:56

hey guys, where could I submit a bug report of the test.check library?

carocad 17:35:26

@gfredericks thanks

carocad 17:35:58

maybe you could help me?. I think I might be doing a stupic mistake but I dont see it :confused:

carocad 17:36:43

the locals declared inside prop/for-all are not being recognized

carocad 17:36:56

I cannot even make the example in the README work

carocad 17:58:39

bug report submitted

gfredericks 18:05:52

@carocad that's pretty strange

carocad 18:07:48

yeap, I am still trying to make sense of it. I mean if it would be normal if would have popep up before the lib release

gfredericks 18:08:08

@carocad looking at the travis log, the problem seems to be using previous bindings in the for-all, which doesn't support that

gfredericks 18:08:19

The bindings are independent

gfredericks 18:08:47

That doesn't explain your claim that the readme example doesn't work

carocad 18:09:13

I can put it on my file and show you a travis fail if that helps

carocad 18:09:37

btw, removing the previous binding didnt solve it in my case

gfredericks 18:10:59

You'd have to refactor it to one binding with gen/let and destructing, probably

gfredericks 18:11:15

The travis logs are helpful, yeah

gfredericks 18:11:34

Especially if the source is online too

carocad 18:11:48

it is. Currently a pr but it should be enough

carocad 18:15:15

hmmm seems that I was wrong. The build is still failing but it doesnt show the same problem as before

gfredericks 18:18:34

@carocad that looks like just an eastwood failure?

carocad 18:19:16

yeah it seems like it. I just changed my code and the example from the repo worked locally. I am testing in travis

carocad 18:24:18

yeah it worked

carocad 18:24:44

so the problem was the previous bindings :smile: sorry

carocad 18:25:18

I'm closing the issue

gfredericks 18:26:01

cool, thanks

carocad 18:28:10

oh it seems I cannot close the issue :disappointed:
I put a comment explaining it was my failure though

gfredericks 18:29:00

huh, strange

gfredericks 18:29:02

I'll close it

carocad 18:31:38

thanks :thumbsup: