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@yogthos so I noticed that it did seem to write to my database and i was continuing to try to create a record with the same id, after changing the input i now get a 500 error along with this


mount.core/start and it says the address is already in use…so i ran mount.core/stop several times then mount.core/start same issue


it looks like the *db* state is not being started before it is used


the states are started at runtime, and the namespace hierarchy is used to resolve the states


if you're already referencing the database namespace in a route, you might want to check that you don't have any code that attempts to access the database during compile time


@yogthos correct. I did figure out how to call mount.core/start …also that i’d added a few extra fields to my table and simply forgot. interestingly i looked at the database and records are being written. I am getting a new odd error, this should be all of the required fields, i’m not sure why it’s complaining about the arity.


the error there is still regarding the db-spec [email protected]


if you're seeing that, it means that the state has not been initialized yet