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I'm looking for some guidance on how to get a good testing story going. I am less interested in UI testing, more interested in just general unit testing of my re-frame event handlers and subscriptions. I've looked at re-frame-test and lein-doo, but neither of these projects has documentation specific to react-native. My guess is that either 1) no one is writing tests for rn, or 2) there are no fundamental differences to configure testing for re-natal as opposed to compiling for browser use. Can anyone give me some guidance on this, or resources I can use to learn more?


localshred: We’re using re-frame-test and doo. But had to do some custom things to get it to work for the RN code. But we run the tests in node which is nice


@U0AU4CPTN ooh I'm just about to start looking at doing exactly this, this morning - was it difficult to get working? What kinda custom stuff did you have to do


@U051H1KL1 re-frame-test works well, and unit tests in doo are very straightforward. The tricky part is mocking out js/require calls, for that we use and


ah cool thanks again for your tips!


I used the setup from this project I found on github to get things going


but in the end ran into parser errors when I'd try to run the test commands (can't create ISeq from Keyword line 1 column 1 of the test file)