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@alexkeyes if your screen is going gray that suggests the computer memory is being used up and lots of swapping in memory happening. If you are pushing lots of data into the memory via the REPL then perhaps Java virtual machine is eating all your resources.


Hm yeah okay that makes sense - there's a lot of background services that are running that are heavy duty, like rabbitmq and elasticsearch


Are you processing the .csv line by line? or do you need to compare the current line against everything else you’ve seen so far? If it’s line by line, you might want to look at writing it to a file without holding onto it in memory. But I’d check mem usage first so you know if that’s actually what’s going on.


@eggsyntax sorry dude I didn’t see you sent me a message. I am just going to take the first line from the .csv parsing function because it returns a lazy seq - it was easier to do that rather than have to dig through the whole wall of text everytime


Oh, no stress 🙂 Yeah, walls-of-text kinda suck 🙂


yeah they really do. does anyone know if there is a way to automatically hide text that goes over a certain amount of columns or lines?


The REPL should automatically do that if it's a single data structure -- I assume it's not in your case. Multiple data structures -- not that I know of. Except to not return them at the top level in the 1st place. eg don't do (my-fn-that-returns-a-zillion-things), but rather do (def r (my-fn-that-returns-a-zillion-things))


yeah the function I was working with returned a list of maps


Just wrap it in a def & you should be fine 🙂


Oh, but...a single list of maps, huh? I'm surprised, if you're calling it from the REPL it should limit the # of members of the list that it shows.


hm I’m still not 100% on what symbols mean what in Clojure so it might be something else BUT I think that’s what it is


I may be imagining your situation wrong. If you want to post or PM me the details of what you're doing, I can maybe identify where that's going awry.


no worries man I accomplished the task on the ticket and I learned a bit so I’m happy


what’s most important is how awesome this community is. Very glad to have the clojurians slack in my back pocket


Agreed 🙂 💯