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java.jdbc just got a Pull Request so I pointed the submitter at the file each contrib project has -- and realized that several of the links are probably outdated now that has a lot of updated information about contributing. I updated the main Contributing link but wanted to throw it out to other Clojure/DEV folks for input on whether this wording needs updating and where things should link to these days


(I'm happy to update as many Contrib repos as I can with an updated CONTRIBUTING doc once folks have agreed what changes should be made)


The JIRA link should already be correct for every repo.


I think those links are all still ok


more better things could exist, but I don’t think they actually do right now. Some day I will get around to porting all that contributing stuff on the dev wiki into


So... just updating the Contributing link to point to's page is all that's really needed? (well, not even "needed" but perhaps a useful update).


(in which case I won't lose any sleep about this)


doesn’t seem worth the effort to me


Details, details... always details! But I'm happy to know that "nothing" needs to be done 🙂