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Alexis Vincent13:01:36

@thheller Hi there! I’m generating a :node-library with :js-provider :shadow. And getting a bunch of The required JS dependency "stream" is not available and similar for node core libs. Whats the best way to get around this?

Alexis Vincent13:01:27

I want to compile in all deps but obviously not the core ones.


@mail024 set :js-options {:keep-native-requires true} in your build config

Alexis Vincent13:01:31

Sweet! Thanks 😄

Alexis Vincent13:01:22

Awesome, that works!

Adam Helins20:01:04

Is there a way to disable css reloading?

Adam Helins20:01:31

Or more commonly, disable watching a folder served by the dev server?


there is currently no way to turn that off if you use the built-in :dev-http