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Btw, it's best to report your problems upstream instead of in the chat - I don't pay much attention to it and often problems go unnoticed for a while without tickets attached to them.

Eamonn Sullivan16:01:10

@U051BLM8F, thanks. I was just posting here to see if this was a known issue already. As you know (I've raised issues on your one of your repos not too long ago), I'm not shy about that! Let me know if I can help at all on that issue. I've subscribed. I seem to be able to turn the problem on and off easily by switching between Java 8 and 11, so maybe I have some set up that could shed some light.


Please, share this on the ticket. Every data point is important.


Jeff felt that this is fixed on Clojure CLI, but I haven't had time to verify this.


I'm pretty sure Jeff tested this on Java 8, so I'm wondering why he didn't experience the problem.