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Does anyone use shadow with the Atom editor Chlorine package? I can't seem to either load files or get much of anything to happen in the editor repl.


Funny you should ask @dfcarpenter I am looking to do exactly that as well. Heck I'm not even that far along, still trying to get a hello world running for the browser.


I think one thing should be noticed on the document is that how to rebuild when build failed without quiting the clojure repl.


I just setup a small barebones app. i'm running npx shadow-cljs watch <build-id> and everything is working as expected, except, i have to manual refresh the browser to see dom changes. Is there a way to have it refresh when i make changes?


@brewmasterv do you have a config at [:builds your-build :devtools :after-load]


that should be a function which will be called when compiling finished after you make a change.