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I’ve been looking at the Indentation Specification doc, and I have a couple of questions about it:


What is the difference between [1] and [0]? i.e. what is the difference between a special and non-special form when there’s only a single param? There are no further params to line up under it. Can someone give me an example of where the indentation for a form would differ with these two specs?


The spec doesn’t actually specify what should happen in the [1] case above where there is no indent spec for the special param, I assume that its spec is implicitly :form?


The example for letfn is [1 [[:defn]] :form]. Since all forms after the special params are considered standard non-special forms, does the final :form here serve any purpose?


Some of the examples in are bad BTW, probably because [[]] is interpreted as a wikilink or something.