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I have a a compojure app that is being deployed to a jetty server running on a linode as an uberwar. I’m using @weavejester environ library to specify database & mandrill configuration etc.. what I can’t work out is how to specify the configuration in the production environment. I’m not running java myself to specify environment variables on a command line. Jetty seems to handle war’s automatically. I don’t seem to be able to turn up anything relevant via Google which is puzzling me. Is this an unusual way to deploy an app?


I don’t really like using environ, it has some hiccups for beginners. One of these is that it doesn’t really offer a clear way to have prod/dev/test environment variables.


But if you still want to go with environ, what I’ve done in the past is that in production I normally use environment variables.


The caveat is that these variables are all strings, while you might have used non-string sin your eviron file during dev. So it might break some things if you don’t parse the strings in your code.


@sandbags: environ isn’t a configuration library. It’s a library for pulling data from the environment. If your production app doesn’t use environment variables, then environ isn’t the tool you need.