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@metametadata was it faster than transit? It’s not what I saw in my benchmark but maybe I should try again


Maybe it depends on the size of the file. I only tested with a 2mb file


Unfortunately, I don't remember all the details, but yeah, the files were bigger: ~10-100 mb. Maybe I was bitten by the issue you found yesterday ( I should also try again I guess and would be happy to be wrong in the end.


Did some quick tests: • for in-process/memory encode+decode, jsonista is 10x faster on small messages. still over 2x faster with 10k payloads. transit requires to read & write streams. Jsonista allows data -> byte[] -> data • for NIO messaging, over the wire, both are fast, with reitit+immutant(my perf fork):


➜  reitit git:(master) ✗ curl 
{"message":"Hello, World!"}%                                                                                                             

➜  reitit git:(master) ✗ curl 
["^ ","~:message","Hello, World!"]%                                                                                                     

➜  reitit git:(master) ✗ wrk -t20 -c100 -d2s 
Running 2s test @ 
  20 threads and 100 connections
  Thread Stats   Avg      Stdev     Max   +/- Stdev
    Latency     0.89ms   94.36us   5.28ms   95.11%
    Req/Sec     5.61k   187.34     5.98k    83.81%
  234540 requests in 2.10s, 34.22MB read
Requests/sec: 111683.59
Transfer/sec:     16.30MB

➜  reitit git:(master) ✗ wrk -t20 -c100 -d2s 
Running 2s test @ 
  20 threads and 100 connections
  Thread Stats   Avg      Stdev     Max   +/- Stdev
    Latency     1.04ms  694.28us  12.24ms   97.22%
    Req/Sec     5.13k   590.77     8.91k    93.96%
  211384 requests in 2.10s, 32.25MB read
Requests/sec: 100614.73
Transfer/sec:     15.35MB


didn’t test the latter with larger messages.


awesome, thanks. I was just about to publish the similar benchmarks using jsonista.json-perf-test 🙂

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@ikitommi @metametadata thanks! I’ll surely try it out now!

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I’m not sure what I’m looking at with this test. I need to serialize to disk, but I think that’s an orthogonal concern right? if it’s faster in memory, it should also be faster to disk


I hope I can get jsonista to compile with graalvm. I was happy that transit worked, but it’s good to have another candidate


@borkdude haven't tested file perf, but with jsonista, calls are passed directly to Jackson, which supports all kind of file writing & reading oob. Overhead should be zero'ish on clj-side. Some samples on files:


that said, if that is internal format, nippy is also a good option:


I tried nippy, but that didn’t work with Graal. I could get fressian to work with some tweaks though, but performance was in the same ballpark as transit.


for that 2MB file, I didn’t try smaller ones


The thing with JSON is, I can’t really save symbols, so it would be better to switch the program model to nested maps that use string keys maybe, if I would switch from transit to json(ista)


but that may be worth it altogether because (symbol (str string-or-symbol) (str string-or-symbol)) is driving my crazy already 😉