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Have there been any benchmarks between jsonista and transit?


@borkdude no, there is not. What kind of tests you would like to see? Maybe all of encoding, decoding & encoding+decoding on the JVM? Current perf tests are here:


btw, now looking at the perf numbers, I think the spec+jsonista combo would enable some good optimizations on perf on decode. As we would know the form of the maps, we could precreate the (Immutable) maps before decode. Setting a value for a known key in pers.array-map is Much faster than adding a key.


My quess is that it would be 2x faster (based on similar optimizations in reitit wildcard param handling)

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I've recently evaluated different ways of writing/readinig clojure data and (unless I benchmarked something incorrectly) Jsonista turned out to be the fastest so I went with it.