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@dhirensr1 did you try again ?


Hi all, how to get react class from reagent component to use react decoration - i.e. wrap reagent component by react component?


It's a nav bar. It's really mess js code. I basically want to know so I can get an idea how to make a nav bar for this company's site (that I'm interning at) to give them cleaner code base for their website. The current HTML5 for the home page alone is...ridiculous for what little it does.


I hope someone can help you. I don’t know react, really 🙂 But isn’t it really a case of adding styling to a div with buttons in it? I mean, what you want to achieve. And then add styling for those elements. I mean, don’t you really only need to port the css and then re-do the components in sane reagent?


(defn my-nav-bar []
  [:ul [:a.class-for-links {:href “some-url”} “title”] [:a.class-for-links {:href “some-other-url”} “title2"]])


or [:div [:button]] or whatever you want


@bigdaddys1oth a nav bar? Utter mess? I'm not seeing either particularly. Looks like one component, called Example, wraps another component called InfinityMenu ... to which it provides a set of callbacks. To get good quality responses from us, please be sure to carefully ask specific questions.