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@cfleming did you see ? What do you think about doing something similar but on the IDE level? Where separate shortcut would wrap form in let with the most recent locals, and execute it Wrapping subforms with custom macro prior to execution, and later define bunch of top level vars seems like a no-go, but the idea is actually cool, if integrated seamlessly


@cfleming author here, available to discuss this whenever you want ๐Ÿ™‚ (Paris timezone)


> and later define bunch of top level vars seems like a no-go @misha I suggest you give it a try anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ in practice, I've found the only danger is when your local names shadow global names, which is bad practice anyway. I'll add an argument from authority: this is exactly what Stuart Halloway does (by hand) in his blog post:


he does it by hand, not "tool assisted", I'd like to scale it, and integrate it seamlessly into IDE, where neither manual clean up nor any typing (manually wrapping form you want to debug in a "spy") is reqiured


no clean up part โ€“ is basically let. no wrapping is harder though


@misha agreed, this last part would require IDE integration.


@misha I havenโ€™t looked at it in detail, but Iโ€™m away at the moment, back at work tomorrow - Iโ€™m planning to look at it then.