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My reagent application works fine in firefox; in Chrome I get a "Error rendering component (in wC)" and the reagent piece never mounts. Anyone seen this problem?


@puzzler advanced compilation? Do you have other JS loaded on that page?


@puzzler also can you provide any more details on the error itself?


@martinklepsch Looks like the source of error was that Firefox and Chrome handled the js/Blob constructor slightly differently, which was somewhere on the page. I'm still trying to get a handle on how to debug reagent-based applications when there can be so little feedback (like a page simply not loading) when something goes wrong. But I think I've figured out this particular problem. Thanks for offering to help.


Has anyone had any luck recovering from exceptions in reagent render fns?


In my experience, after an exception occurred (e.g. (assert false) in any reagent component), each subsequent render will fail


The only way to recover is to reload the page, which interrupts my reloading workflow