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I posted the following gist yesterday on #C073DKH9P Besides point 1 which has nothing to with Reagent , do you guys think it’s correct enough to make a PR to reagent-recipes to update the gmap example ? (According ofc that I replace the subscribe call feeding coordinates with some traditional atom)


I think that'd be awesome.


@escherize: I’ve removed the atom holding the gmap, it was necessary only because I didn’t place the run! in the right scope, instead of putting it inside :component-did-mount


gonna make the PR, it seems nice enough to me with that correction


@jhchabran: btw just curious, where does re-frame talk about not using reactions in views?


@antishok: looking for where it is, IIRC it said to use subs instead


@antishok: Mike says it there : > reaction should not be used in views (as you have done above). Should only be done in subscriptions. Best to have a look at the examples.


well i think he means not to use the reaction in the render function itself, it's ok to have reactions in the outer setup function (of a "form-2 or 3" component)


and yes it's best if those reactions are subscriptions or based on subscriptions, instead of raw access to app-db


so your comment #1 doesn't seem to really be any violation


thanks for the clarification


@jhchabran: that Gist looks wrong on a number of levels -- that use of run! look very wrong. I'm dunno about the google maps interface, and i don't have much time ... but a sketch .... First create a wrapper which does the subscription and passes it as props to a child:

(defn wrapper 
    (let [pos  (subscribe [:current-position])]
       [google-map @pos]))
At this point you can create a google-map component which wisely uses its one parameter. You can add lifecycle methods like component-did-update (which will get called when the props change), etc


@mikethompson: thanks for your feedback simple_smile google map interface isn’t really important, it was mostly how to call some js functions updating it when my data changes


his example seems to address the same needs, thanks for the link


Hopefully that nudge about using a wrapper, sending in props, and Nils' code will help you along


In re-frame, reaction (and run!) should only be used in subscription handlers. Never in a view.


gonna read carefully the blog post


damn, I missed this one 😄


Eeek. Should have written ...


(defn wrapper 
    (let [pos  (subscribe [:current-position])]
       (fn []                 ;; <--- return the renderer
           [google-map @pos])))
Has to be a Form-2 function


or it’ll never get evaluated again, ok simple_smile


No, previously the subscription would have been destroyed and recreated on every render.


But, using Form2, the subscription is created once, in setup part, and the value then flows through to the render function, which might be called many, many times.


what is it that makes using run! there so wrong?


@jhchabran @mikethompson just let me know if you have any remarks or questions about the blog article. Just realized it's missing the actual usage of the component.


@antishok: as it is, it is a memory leak. That run! will never get cleaned up. And that means the subscription pos (which it uses) will never be cleaned up. Which means as you create more of these map components, you'll get more and more active (but unused) subscriptions. So every time app-db changes, there'll be all this unnecessary processing in the unused, but still-there subscriptions, etc.


You may be able to get away with this leak in an app that has only one map component. But it isn't a pattern that will work more generally.


@nblumoe: thanks for that blog post, I've pointed quite a few people to it over the time.


@nblumoe: in that post, you talk about having problems with vectors of params. I suspect you ran into Although that is a guess, and based on not much information.


@nblumoe: and, yes, not supplying the actual props in the function is likely to confuse people. But you have noted it. So they should be clear.